Hey girl!

We are BA MAKEUP CO. and we are the one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs!

We are your go-to Pro Makeup Artist, Beauty BFF’s, Online Makeup Educators, Empowering Experts, and a team of Bad-Ass women.

Our goal is to always bring our A-game, exceed your expectations and deliver the results YOU are looking for. 


Your BIG day is our speciality!
From blushing brides, to photoshoots, and special events, as a team of professional makeup artists, it’s our mission to provide you with artistry that surpasses your dreams and expectations!

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Makeup lessons with the BA PROS!
Get a personalized one-on-one makeup session (in person or online) that will give you the skills to customize a look that brings out the best in you! Discover the products and techniques in a custom lesson for you!



Become your own Makeup Artist!
Our amazing online makeup courses give you instant access to complete video tutorials, A to Z budget friendly product guides, and step-by-step instructions to perfecting your makeup within minutes! 

We are in the business of empowering all women to believe
that she can be the very best possible version of herself by
amplifying her strengths, confidence, and inner beauty”

Our vision

We truly believe every woman is beautiful.

It is our goal to take those things that make a woman an individual, special, unique person and magnify them to the world.

It’s not just enough for other people to think they are beautiful but it comes down to how a woman views herself. That’s why we are different.

That’s what sets us apart from just any other makeup artists. We aren’t in the business of makeup.

We are in the business of making women feel VALUABLE.