CALLING ALL BOSS BABES – this one’s for you! We are here to give you the pro tips to simplify your full face makeup routine, and help you level up your camera ready makeup game (with our online makeup course) in 15 min. Or less!!!

Can we be real with you for a moment? We are living during a time where becoming your own brand is not just a temporary thing, it’s the new normal. We’re betting if you don’t already have a brand connected with your name, then you’ve been thinking about one.

Which is why we HAD to create a course to share our secrets FULL of camera ready makeup tips. Unlike everyday makeup, there are a few differences if you want to LOOK GOOD and STAND OUT on camera. We’ll be teaching you EXACTLY what camera ready makeup means, and how you can achieve this look (with a little practice) in just 15 minutes. 

You know how much we LOVE empowering women like you. So ladies, it’s time to stop letting your camera confidence get in the way of selling your products and services. Instead, get ready to CONFIDENTLY become the face of your brand

Have you been dreaming of something like this and we had you at camera confidence in 15 minutes?

You can grab the course HERE.

Read on to discover the 10 reasons your business needs the No Filter Necessary online makeup course. 

1. You don’t know the difference between everyday and camera ready makeup

Most women believe camera ready makeup means MORE. We are here to break that myth and let you know our little secret to a full-coverage look with LESS.

You might be wondering, “Can I wear this camera ready look every day?”

And the answer is: The everyday makeup police won’t bust down your door if you do. Feel free to wear it, or pick and choose what you like to apply whenever you WANT TO! And if you’re truly the boss of your biz, then we know you don’t have time for that and that’s reason enough to get this course ASAP! 

Rest assured, you will not look ‘overdone’, ‘cakeish’, or ‘plastic’. 

Everyday TIP: The tutorial can be watched (in the bathroom) while you get ready in the AM! 

2. Your business requires you to show up on camera

Entrepreneurs, women with dreams, influencers, Youtubers, bloggers – you know how important it is to show up for your brand. And now more than ever with our lives moving to virtual meetings and events, you’re needing to look good through the lens of your computer or camera phone. 

No matter what your preferred social platform, video has been proven to convert and increase sales. We get that you don’t want to do a full face of makeup every day to jump in front of the lens. No Filter Necessary is designed to be strategic. We’re going to give you the tools to LOOK a million bucks so that you can batch create all of your content for the week – or even the month ahead!

Everyday TIP: Use this camera-ready look as your family photo or special occasion look (where you know Aunt Mary will be snapping all the photos) and this time you’ll be ready to have your pic taken and smeared all over Facebook the next day! 

3. You want your makeup to match your brand

Building a business can be expensive, trust us, we’ve been there. You spend all this money on branding, web design and copywriting, but from our experience and (the wisdom of many proven coaches) YOU are the best investment for your business.

The best way to connect with your audience is by SHOWING UP and looking like the CEO of your company. And your Instagram analytics will tell you that a photo with a face on Instagram gets 38% more likes than one without.

It’s pretty simple. Your website looks incredible, your branding looks amazing, and YOU should also look beautiful too!  

And if you don’t, the alternatives to our makeup course are: 

  • You could hire a professional makeup artist every few months – but that’s not sustainable for most women entrepreneurs. 
  • You can miss out on the potential exposure and profitability that comes with being the face of you brand 
  • DIY the look and spend hours doing the research for yourself, instead of trusting the experts (that’s us) to give you the shortcuts

But we KNOW you’re way smarter than that! We know you would rather be spending your time moving the needle forward in your company rather than hours getting camera ready. Which is why we won’t make you choose.

Everyday TIP: Do your No Filter Look and switch out your full coverage foundation for a lighter coverage and WHAM you have a new spin on the same basic look! 

4. You want to know exactly which products are best

One of the biggest headaches for all women alike is “what products should I use?” No worries, we have healed that headache for you! When it comes to products we recommend in the course, our product suggestions will guide you! 

  • We ARE NOT brand specific.  What that means is that you can use your own makeup, and add in products to get the perfect look without spending extra money.
  • Drugstore brands and high end brands are suggested
  • The guide has a cheat sheet with product photos, price points, and where to buy recommended options 

Everyday TIP: You don’t have to spend lots of money on all new expensive makeup. Test the drugstore brand first and see if you like it. Even experiment with them in your everyday routine mixing and matching brands to see what works best for you. 

5. You need something quick and easy

We’re busy moms and CEO’s, so there’s no way we could do a full face of makeup EVERY DAY

We know mom’s are pretty close to superhuman, but not that close. This is why we designed this course so you can do your makeup to be camera ready in 15 minutes or less!

Yep, ladies, it’s true. With a little bit of practice, we know you will be nailing your new beautiful camera ready face in the amount of time it takes to run the vacuum over the floor or do a speedy toy cleanup! 

Never… have your makeup wear off by 3pm again.  We got you, boo! 

Everyday TIP: Grab the HIGHLIGHT and CONQUER course in the checkout and discover how the hacks we use to conquer common makeup problems like foundation fade away and more!  

6. You don’t want to wear full makeup everyday if you don’t have to

We keep this look in our back pocket for the days we need it but honestly we are just like you! We know you may not wear this look everyday and that’s okay–we don’t wear the same clothes everyday either! Haha! Confession time…although we are professional makeup artists and we DON’T wear full face makeup everyday, and you probably don’t either.  When you’re operating as a super-organized boss babe who has planned out your entire week of work, then this course is perfect for you. You can plan your week and know that Thursday you’ll be getting in front of the camera, and filming a week’s worth (maybe even a month) of content for your audience. 

But no worries, no one will know you filmed everything in one go! Our little secret is to film a batch of content, swap out your shirt and pop on a different lipstick and WHA-LA! You have a whole new look to keep on shooting. 

Everyday TIP: It’s not just for the camera! You’ll look good in person too! Just this look for a long day of events or in person or virtual meetings. It will last the whole day and you won’t ever have to touch it up! 

7. You want someone to give you the exact roadmap of what to do

As makeup artists, we have spent our working lives testing the best ways of applying makeup.

Rather than spend hours searching YouTube for the perfect tutorial to solve all of your makeup problems…only to find a 20 something “BeauTuber” doing 45 minute tutorials that don’t relate to you, our videos are the equivalent of a paint by numbers kit. It will have you saying “easy peasy lemon squeezy!” 

We guarantee you’ll get it right the first time.  We have so many testimonials of women blown away by their OWN makeup skills just by following along the very first time.

Everyday TIP: Do your everyday makeup routine in the same steps as the NFN look and you’ll shave off even more time from your already minimal makeup by working faster and faster each time! 

8. You want something that stands the test of time

Trends come and go, yet most of the videos and photos we take will be on the internet for YEARS to come. 

If your makeup is outdated, what does that mean for your content? 

But have no fear…No Filter Necessary is here! Here with the basic techniques that work for everyone NO MATTER WHAT THE MAKEUP TRENDS! 

You’ve built a brand that will stand the test of time, so make sure your makeup routine does the same.

Everyday Tip: The camera ready look is that classic style that already eliminates the unnecessary gimmicks and trends, so you won’t be wasting time if you apply the principles to your daily makeup. ! 

9. You want the most flattering look

Did you know, the camera not only adds 10 pounds, but it also picks up EVERY FLAW? Eek, you heard us right.

Our camera ready course is designed to show you how to effortlessly hide those imperfections, like the occasional zit, or uneven skin, and make you shine (the good type, not the oily kind.  

Everyday TIP: The products and techniques used in the course will give you that flawless finish every time so you don’t have to hide behind the filters. The tools alone are a game changer too give you that unfiltered flawlessness. 

10. You think more is better

No, no, no. Just NO.

We will be teaching you our little secret BA signature technique that gives a full coverage look without applying more.

This is our specialty: Full face makeup that looks beautiful in person or on camera! 

Everyday TIP: Don’t be afraid of using a product from the course in your daily routine. A little loose powder may just be that perfect addition to making your daily makeup last a titch longer and absorb oils throughout your day! 

11. Feel as amazing on the outside as you do on the inside

Beware: Beyonce-like confidence may be a result of this course! Confidence is key and owning a business is not for the weary.   But becoming the face of your company and showing up takes just as much guts too! 

Everyday Tip: Embrace how you choose to look everyday! Be sure you love yourself no matter what your makeup look is for the day. You can love yourself with camera ready makeup, your everyday makeup, and even in no makeup–whatever it is just own it!

With the No Filter Necessary course, you’ll be proud to be the face of your company and we couldn’t be HAPPIER for you.

Is No Filter Necessary right for you?

So ladies, if you want a quick and easy makeup routine that fits your personality and your brand, then the No Filter Necessary course IS FOR YOU!

Buy it HERE!

This course is for you if you:

  • Use social media to sell a product or service
  • Attend events for your business
  • Are ready to CONFIDENTLY start being the face of your brand
  • And.. our biggest little secret: this course can be used for everyday life when you need it!

In entrepreneurship, time is money. You are worth the investment!

Whether you’re a newbie or have been applying makeup for years, putting on makeup for the camera is a skill ANYONE can learn.
We can’t wait to see your photos! Be sure to tag us on Facebook and  Instagram @bamakeupcompany and email us your testimonials and photos.