Winter comes with many blessings and a few curses as well! Our hair suffers from the dry cold weather as much as our skin, so we are giving you 3 EASY HAIRSTYLES that can’t go wrong in the cold! WARNING: These are SO simple its ludicrous!;)

You can have a NEW and FUN hair day with no fuss!


TOOLS: Bobby pins | Elastics | Comb | Hairspray

Easy Hair Styles for Winter


“I’m a major static magnet, and if it’s not static, my hair will dread itself underneath where it’s touching any collar, scarf or jacket!! So basically I’m always searching for new stylish ways to wear my hair up or braided during these winter months so I can still HAVE hair by spring 😂 I loooove these double knots so much. And they’re gentle on my hair which is a plus. I just part my hair, pull it up, twist each side into a little bun and then secure with a small elastic.  I fix my crazy spiky pieces with bobby pins, do a quick mist of a soft hold hair spray and call it good. The idea is for them to be slightly undone and not identical. Happy knotting 🙌🏼😘”–Cait

Easy Hair Styles for Winter


TOOLS: Bobby pins | Elastics | Comb | Hairspray or Texture SprayEasy Hair Styles for Winter

“The top-knot is my BFF! No joke, I rock a “Monday Bun-day” sometimes twice a week and I am not ashamed! Honestly, the mornings I throw it up in a bun I get more compliments and it literally takes almost no effort.” –Camille

Easy Hair Styles for Winter


TOOLS: Shwarzkopf volume powder | Elastics | Brush | Bobby Pins | Hairspray

Easy Hair Styles for Winter

“Ponytails are my life line. I wear my hair in a ponytail more than any other style, so I love finding new ways to spice up what could otherwise be an ordinary look!  ” –LindseyEasy Hair Styles for Winter

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