MLM companies seem to flood any and all feeds these days! You either love them or you hate them. BUT are we giving their products a fair shake OR do we dismiss them just because they are an MLM?! Are we missing out on some really amazing products because we can’t get past the selling technique?! We get contacted by these companies daily and we want to bring YOU our readers our honest, unbiased opinions on the products these companies have to offer! We already did our honest review of the newest craze LIPSENSE and you can check out that post HERE but today we bring you our review of PERFECTLY POSH! If all natural ingredients, adorable packaging and catchy names are high on your priority list for skin care, body care and much more then you will want to stay with us for “OUR 3 SENSE”: is PERFECTLY POSH “PERFECT” for you?!


If you live under a rock and have never heard of this popular MLM company, it prides itself on products that are made here in the good old US of A, uses only natural ingredients, no fillers, vegan options and they don’t test on animals. As mentioned above they have fun packaging and hilarious names to boot! This company offers SO. MANY. PRODUCTS.! Our minds were blown when we looked through all the products they had to offer. Their tag line is that they are a “PAMPERING BRAND” and c’mon ladies who doesn’t want to be pampered?! Am I right or am I right?! I prefer someone else to be DOING the pampering but none the less, we will take what we can get!


We had a rep so kindly contact us to send us some goodies and now we want to tell you all WHAT WE THOUGHT!! Shockingly none of us had actually tried perfectly posh before. We were given a SLEW of samples, so we each chose our STANDOUT products from the lot of them to share with you. We wanted to share which products we loved and an overview of what we thought of the brand as a whole. As always these are just our unbiased OPINIONS which means you can take it or leave it. You’re here so you must trust what we think just a little bit!



WHAT I LOVED: When I read the key ingredients to this face mask, GLYCOLIC ACID, WITCH HAZEL, CRANBERRY AND RASBERRY OILS. I was like, where do I sign?! These are ALL ingredients I am obsessed with for my oily/acne prone skin! I loved that I actually knew each ingredient which is always refreshing when placing something on your skin. This mask had a really soft scent which I appreciated and I loved the overall appearance of my skin when I was done.

WOULD YOU PURCHASE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY?: I really did enjoy this mask! I think I would repurchase it with my own money…now did it absolutely revolutionize my skin and I think it would have to be something I used in my skin care routine for a while to see a dramatic difference! But the price compared to the amount of product you get is a really great buy and I could see this being a really great additional product to add to my already crazy skin care routine!

OVERVIEW: I really enjoyed a majority of the samples I received! Again do I want to buried in my coffin with them?….no! I think if having a product with all natural ingredients is a priority to you, you should MOST DEFINITELY look into this company! They have such a wide variety of products to suit anyone’s needs. I think my biggest complaint about a majority of the products were the scents! Man, most of them were waaaaayyyy too fruity/over powering for me! BUT I’m also a HUGE smell person and I prefer a “spa-like experience” and these were giving me more of  a “playing with 8 year old nieces makeup” kind of an experience.



FAVORITE PRODUCT: Moisturize 911

WHAT I LOVED:  I’m always on the hunt for a great moisturizer and looking for a few key properties in them! I need my moisturizer to hydrate big time, soak in relatively quickly and if it can offer some anti-aging as well, then I’m pumped. This is packed with caffeine for skin tightening and brightening and delivered on all of my requirements. The soft scent was nice too since I don’t like when moisturizers have a strong scent and I’m overwhelmed by it all over my face, haha!!

WOULD YOU PURCHASE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY?:  I honestly think that I would! It wore so well under my makeup and kept my skin feeling hydrated all night long.

OVERVIEW: I really liked this product and would recommend it! I especially love the caffeine aspect of the moisturizer and the way it tightens your skin.


FAVORITE PRODUCT: The Stripper Detox Body Mud

WHAT I LOVED: This product is a face and body mud that removes dead skin, controls oil, and pulls toxins from the pores! It’s a loaded with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL which draws out free radicals, and impurities, like a deep pore cleansing treatment!  It went on very thick and my sample had more than enough for my face.  It covered well and it tingled when it was on before drying.  The scent was more a a EUCALYPTUS and MENTHOL smell, which felt clean and not like perfume which was more pleasant than most of their hand creams.

WOULD YOU PURCHASE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY?: Yes, I would buy it for two reasons. 1) For problem skin and if I used masks regularly and wanted to have something for detoxifying I would most definitely use it again. 2) For a Bride-to-be!  I think it would be PERFECT for a bridal shower gift with the hilarious name  “THE STRIPPER”!  It’s so fun to do masks with girlfriends.

OVERVIEW: I have regular facials and I probably only use a mask 1-2 times a month (not nearly enough) so for me I wouldn’t necessarily need it all the time as a part of my daily skin care routine.  It’s not recommended for sensitive skin, so I would caution people about that.   I DO recommend trying it if you want something that is going to help DETOX your skin and you would use a mask more often! I mean, look how beautiful I look in the pic! HAHA be careful not to scare your children and husband! It retails for $24 , so its an 8oz. which is a lot of product for a decent price!  perfectly posh

We are so thrilled when amazing people in our community want to reach out to us to try their products! We always want to bring you guys our HONEST opinion’s to help you weed through the millions of products out there! As always we hope that you guys take what we have to say into consideration but at the end of day we all have such different tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to beauty products. If you are at all curious about this brand show our rep some love and contact Erin HERE! She is just like us, running a small business and trying to build an incredible life for her little corner of the world! We are so appreciative that she thought of us and wanted to share the products she loves and believes in.