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We are the owners of BA MAKEUP COMPANY, bff’s turned biz partners! Lindsey….the blonde, top knot wearing, coffee obsessed creative AND Camille……the brunette, equally coffee obsessed, dreamer extraordinaire!

We started this company because we have a dream that you ABSOLUTELY CAN HAVE IT ALL! We wanted to provide women with a company and team where they can rally together and support each other’s talents and dreams. A place where a makeup artist can grow in all aspects of life!

We believe that you can still be a killer makeup artist and also an incredible hands on mom, wife or just an all around awesome human. We don’t believe you have to give up one to have the other.

We believe makeup should EMPOWER WOMEN and make them feel beautiful in their own skin!

“Simply amazing! These ladies are the greatest, kindest, talented artists. They make you feel so beautiful. My first meeting with them was fantastic. Highly, highly recommend for any of your makeup needs. Thank you ladies. You’re amazing women.”

Laura Neves

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