Behrens Artistry is BACK (on the blog) ALLright! (Backstreet Boys tune playing in my mind)

Behrens Artistry is back on the blog and we are kicking butt and taking names this year!  Our goal is to SHOW UP consistently and give YOU all the beauty tips and tricks (and laughs) along the way as we evolve in our pursuits and passions as artists and business women!

Whether you’re new to the BA TRIBE or you’ve been with us from the beginning, we hope you’ll learn some things about us in this post! As always, the best way to contact us is via email or our social media messages like Instagram or Facebook!

Like the Backstreet Boys,..we’re BACK BA babes!!


We are in the business of empowering all women to believe that she can be the very best possible version of herself, by amplifying her strengths, confidence, and inner beauty!
Our Mission

We are a team of professional hair and makeup artists! Our goal is for you to FEEL BEAUTIFUL and have the ultimate beauty experience by giving you the best hair and makeup service you’ve ever had!


When you think of beauty we want you think of BEHRENS ARTISTRY! But we are MORE than just hair and makeup artists. We are moms, wives, entrepreneurs, educators, and kick-ass boss babes!! Our menu of services (listed below) is growing everyday and it’s because we LOVE to learn, teach, and share our knowledge and talents with the world. One INCREDIBLE service we offer is variety of beauty education classes both in person and online. So, whether that’s one of our incredible artists doing your hair and makeup for a special event, a photoshoot, or helping you master your everyday makeup look in a personal makeup session–WE WANT TO SERVE YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS and we believe WE CAN!

If you’re local to the Boise, Idaho area or living in Canada (shoutout to our fave Canadian girl Robyn) we can still work together! Our personal, one-on-one makeup sessions can be in person or via Facetime or Skype. Our goal is to teach you how to achieve the “look” you want to learn and help you develop the skills to achieve it daily! We are here to share our love of beauty and passion to teach women all over the world–how to look and feel their very best everyday! If you have been searching for this and want to get started then CLICK HERE to learn more about our makeup sessions!

Our signature hair and makeup services are bar none! We give our clients the ultimate experience for every occasion. Our artists are highly trained and qualified to give the best service every time. Our services include professional on-site beauty services for weddings, bridal parties, photoshoots, fitness competitions, pageants, maternity photos, and events! Email us at to book our artists today!


If you have ever received a hair and makeup service, attended our workshops, or purchased our online course, we would LOVE your review! In fact, the BIGGEST compliment you can give a small business is your referral and your review! If you would like to leave us a GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, or WEDDING WIRE REVIEW, we would be forever grateful!


Makeup Workshops: hands-on group makeup classes in person (Online coming soon) CHECK OUT OUR WORKSHOPS HERE!

One on One Makeup Sessions: individualized makeup lesson, in person or online via Zoom or FaceTime. Customized to your makeup needs and skill level.

“GET THE LOOK” Personalized Makeup Tutorial: Any look you want to learn sent directly to you with product guide and video. Easy as 1-2-3!

Makeup 101: A Woman’s Guide to Everyday Makeup E-Course: Easy step by step makeup tutorials in online modules that teach you exactly what products to use and how to apply them. Customized for your skin type, eye shape, brow shape, and makeup skill level.


  1. GIVING BACK — Our Word of the Year is GIVE! And we have a heart to share our talents and skills with the world! A couple ways we are giving back this year is with our PRETTY EMPOWERING Monthly giveaway! It’s simple….anyone can nominate a deserving woman, we’ll choose ONE woman a month to receive a FREE professional hair and makeup application from us! We just believe that when a woman FEELS beautiful it can empower her to do even more amazing things! CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE a special woman!
  2. MAKEUP WORKSHOPS and SESSIONS– We brought back workshops and we are SO excited to keep them coming! These hands-on workshops allow us to teach you a makeup skill and let you practice while with us! Check out our workshops and one on one makeup sessions HERE!
  3. MAKEUP 101 : TOOL BOX   We are REVAMPING our MAKEUP 101 E-Course into an a la carte OPTIONS so you can pick and choose the tutorials and skills that you want to learn–one at at time! (COMING SOON) The full MAKEUP 101E-course is available HERE!


It’s no secret that we love being entrepreneurs and helping other boss babes and small business owners. We’ve been through a lot and learn so much over the last few years. We’ve been blessed to work alongside other successful entrepreneurs to collaborate along the way. Now we “pay it forward” with others who are also pursuing their dreams by sharing our experiences with others! Over the years of being in business and building a solid company, we have learned that it’s more powerful to work together than to compete with others and we love to help out anyone audacious enough to pursue their dreams.


Whether you are in direct sales, a service based, or online business we all share in many common systemic needs! It can be overwhelming to start a business and know where to begin or how to take it from “baby business” to “adolescence”. We’ve BEEN THERE and we LOVE TO share our experiences with others. So this list below is our “secret menu” that you only really can get if you directly email us and inquire about it! We are still “testing the waters” and not offering the following services to everyone– but if you are in need we would be happy to consult with you on a business by business basis!

  • Professional makeup artist mentorship and consulting
  • Other small business services:
  • Small Business consulting: direct sales, service, and online
  • Branding, logo, and creative design work
  • Business planning, structuring, systems, and process creation
  • Providing a network of professional resources for all your startup needs

Our goal as a company is to continue to GROW and BUILD what we’ve established and see this brand expand exponentially! We have an incredible TEAM of HAIR AND MAKEUP ARTISTS that we want to continue to mentor, train, empower to grow in their artistry and with Behrens Artistry!

PEACE-OUT 2017 and 2018

This is a BIG ONE!…..but what do you expect? SO MUCH has happened since our last BLOG POST in 2017 in fact we basically skipped 2018!  So here’s the long and short version of what’s we’ve been up to!!

If you have followed us on social media than you’ve seen the highlight reel, but you may still want to stick it out and keep reading…..actually you may be surprised to find out some of the dirty details that don’t always make the Instagram stories or Facebook lives.  In fact, I am almost positive you’ll read things in this post that will fill in the blanks and answer some of the questions you may have had over the time you’ve followed us along this journey!

We appreciate you!

First of all, thank you! If we have never told you how much we appreciate our BA TRIBE of followers, clients, and supporters….we are SO GRATEFUL for YOU! The reason we keep moving, stay motivated, and DREAM BIG is because of your continual love and encouragement!! So we see you…every comment, every like, every message, and your presence at our workshops means the WORLD TO US!   


April 9. 2017-Shop Stevie Launch (Last Blog Post)

June 1st – Camille officially left teaching high school for 10 years!

For next 9 Months Online boutique and pop up sales!

Met Jesse and Genie (from Red Aspen) through Shop Stevie Pop Up and get excited about Red Aspen!

July 12th, 2017-Makeup 101 Creation begins!

Behrens Artistry Professional Hair and Makeup company! Entrepreneurship, small business consulting, traveling makeup artists.

-Worked 6 days a week creating and designing our E-book

-We quit working out and made two trips a day to get coffee and no-bake cookies to soothe our stress levels!

August 28th, 2017 -Beauty Basics E-Book Launch

October 2017- Red Aspen Launches with Lashes

November 28th-Black Friday- MAKEUP 101 Launches!!

December- Lindsey and Camille go M-I-A and CRASH…after an exhausting 3 months working their butts off to get out the course!

January-April Set our 2018 goals and focused on leading a corporate leg for Red Aspen learning the ins and outs of Red Aspen and direct sales!

June 2018- Step down as Brand Ambassadors and become the BEAUTY EXPERTS for RED ASPEN!

July- Move into our New studio/office space in downtown Boise with Red Aspen

Sept.-Lindsey gives birth to Beck Jo Behrens, a healthy baby boy!

Oct.- Camille takes on Scottsdale with Red Aspens 1st Birthday Bash and we bring back MAKEUP WORKSHOPS!

Nov./Dec. -2 more SUCCESSFUL makeup workshops and then just living life! Enjoying all the food, family time and the small business HUSTLE!

So– There is the LONG and SHORT of it!

We hope you are as eager to have us back as WE ARE TO BE BACK!! If you have any SPECIAL BEAUTY REQUESTS, or BLOG POST TOPICS you would like to see we would LOVE to HEAR FROM YOU!

Leave your comments below and suggestions! We would love to know where you all are from? So if nothing else tell us your name and your CITY, STATE, and COUNTRY! We would love to see where are readers are from!


Camille and Lindsey