Beauty education is our passion!

We love to share our time, skills, and talents with our beloved clients and friends.

We believe that all women are beautiful and there is no better feeling than to see a woman grow in confidence, knowledge, and get excited about her own beauty!

We want to empower women with the tools to enhance her natural beauty and become the best possible version of herself. You are never too old or too young to grow in beauty and confidence.

There are a million different messages out there about the dos and don’ts of beauty, it’s overwhelming.


Courses and classes


Put an end to the guesswork and finally master a “custom to you” Everyday Makeup look in just one afternoon. Get confident in your makeup routine and level up your makeup game! in 15 minutes or less.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear makeup every day or once in a blue moon, when you do choose to wear makeup, wouldn’t it feel great to know EXACTLY what you are doing?

Instead, we are expected to wake up one day and know how to do our makeup without any formal training.

The way we see it, that’s like being handed a guitar and expecting to know how to play without having a single lesson.

It doesn’t make any sense, right?!

Just choose one of our 5 unique levels that best fits you or grab all 5 looks in the bundle!

NO FILTER necessary

A proven, shockingly simple makeup routine for creating a camera or stage ready face in 15 minutes or less.

Eliminate guesswork, feel confident about what products to use, and how to use them. Our video tutorials are the equivalent of a paint by numbers kit – you’ll be rocking the makeup application techniques – without worrying about “going outside the lines” or dealing with the mean inner voices in your head, bringing you down and killing your buzz.


Our most popular session is the BEAUTY BFF SESSION where you can learn how to do your entire look from start to finish and really spend the time necessary to answer questions and develop your skills with your very own BA Artist–like a true BFF! Learn to master your everyday look, a special occasion look, or mix and match it for your needs.

This session is up to 2 hours with a BA Artist, customized to what you want to learn, how you like to learn, and where your starting skill level is.

You are in the driver’s seat and your BA Artist will customize a session that is tailored perfectly for you!

FAST FIX session

In this 45min session, one of our artists teaches you ONE principal and technique of your makeup that you’ve been wanting to learn or improve on.

This is our wham-bam-thank you ma’am option, perfect for a woman who is short on time and may already have some makeup skills she’s building on…. Or for a woman who is just wanting to master one skill at a time in shorter digestible chunks.

You decide where to start! Just choose that ONE topic and after your session you’ll be on your way with rockstar confidence.

“All of these girls are so kind and their classes taught me so much!! I highly recommend!!”
Sydney Knight