If you don’t know….….now you know! Here is a deep dive into the lives and minds of our BA MAKEUP CO. CEOs: Lindsey Behrens and Camille Levi!  Just 20+ random facts that may have you laughing, or jaw dropping a time or two throughout this post! 

WHO IS BA MAKEUP CO. — for our new BA MAKEUP CO. friends! 

BA MAKEUP CO. is a professional hair and makeup artist team in Idaho and Utah! But honestly, this company has always been about MORE than makeup. At the core of this business we have always been about GOD and FAMILY first, BEAUTY 2nd, and ENJOYING LIFE 3rd!

When Drake sings, “started at the bottom… and now we’re here” …we get it! This company started with a very minimal goal and has blossomed into a very successful dream of creating a life we can love and share with other women like ourselves. 

Since 2013, we have gone from a one woman show to a team of talented bad-a$$ makeup artists, whom also believe in the vision we created, and have the same overarching values that make us who we are today–yours truly– BA MAKEUP CO. 

Our company consists of Lindsey and Camille (the owners), two amazing office managers Liz and Kara, as well as 14 makeup artists that span across Idaho and Utah. Meet our team here.  

We specialize in flawless makeup and hair that will look amazing in person, as well as photographed and on-camera. We also have expanded our reach in the area of beauty education, and we love to empower women to take control and learn our techniques for themselves in one-on-one makeup lessons. Most recently, we’ve broken into the digital marketing world and have created online makeup courses that will walk anyone through a makeup look, along with our little black book product guide, and instructional tutorial on how to apply your own makeup like a pro. 

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning, or are just learning about the fabulousness that BA is all about, we wanted to kick off our BA BLOG with some fun facts that you may or may not be aware of–here we go!! 

We recently asked you in an Instagram post what you were dying to know and we’ve included those answers in this post too! 

20 Random Facts about our BA MAKEUP CO. CEO’s! 

  1. Lindsey and Camille met in 2012 at a baseball game! I know…it feels like we’ve ALWAYS been together. We also spent the whole summer at games chatting it up about life and makeup and didn’t watch a lick of baseball! They won more games when we didn’t pay attention–we swear! 🙂 You know you’re destined to be BFF’s when you spend 7 days a week together and you think that’s “normal”. 
  2. Lindsey originally started Behrens Artistry (aka BA MAKEUP CO.) with Kara, our incredible office manager, as a way to make a couple of hundred extra dollars to spend on shoes! 🙂 Kara is still rocking the back office and we like to call her the “great and powerful Oz” because she’s so awesome at keeping this boat afloat!  
  3. Lindsey went to Interior design school for a short stint in Colorado, and still has a knack for decorating.  She’s decorated a few homes, and always creates the cutest spaces for our offices. 
  4. We are BOY MOMS! We call it the “BA Curse” but it’s actually a blessing–boys are the best! As makeup artists, we have the skills to make a little girl’s dreams come true, but now we will just plan to be the coolest mothers-in-laws ever! 
  5. Lindsey has had 12 completely different hairstyles… in 2 years!
  6. Camille taught 10 years of public high school and got her Master’s degree and then quit teaching–now we’re paying off 50k in student loans and aren’t using the specific degrees–live and learn! 
  7. Camille has always been a goal setter and in 2015 she ran for Mrs. Idaho America and took 2nd runner up! Having no previous pageant experience it was a win in her book, and such a fun experience. The following year Camille and a pageant sister decided to leave the crown behind and run a full marathon. They tackled San Francisco on foot and had made that goal their B!$#% as well! 
  8. Lindsey’s an Idaho girl through and through, but she was born in the sunshine state of California! Camille was born and raised in the 2C but has always dreamed of leaving the potato state for a bigger city.  But let’s be honest, they both know that Idaho is pretty awesome–if you don’t believe them just ask everyone and their dog moving in from all over the country! 
  9. Camille has a 23-year-old son!! What!?! She was a teen mom (her oldest son looks like her brother) and while it was not a plan, it is part of what makes Camille’s story so compelling. It is truly a testament to how amazing God is, and what he can do with anyone’s situation. PS. Lindsey secretly wishes she was a teen mom so she can have a live-in babysitter. #shesnotjoking
  10. Our best vacation aka “friend-cation” would have to be our Scottsdale, AZ trip with our girl Erin Blackwell (photographer extraordinaire) where we ate ALL the 5-star food, and treated ourselves to a spa day! It was a very un-scandalous version of Mom’s Gone Wild but we had the time of our lives! 
  11. Camille’s fave vacation would be Maui, HI, and Lindsey’s would be going to Wallowa Lake with her family! 
  12. Lindsey met her hubby Travis originally in high school, but didn’t date at all! They met again after they graduated, and the rest is history! Camille met Jeremy on a cold winter night at the bar in Boise–very romantic 😉  He was a North Dakota boy relocated to the big city of Boise, and the rest is history! 

And now for the RAPID FIRE questions and answers! 

  1. Our favorite shows on Netflix are Jane the Virgin (Camille) and Sense 8 (Lindsey). No explanation needed, both of these explain their personalities and taste in shows! 
  2. Our least favorite beauty trends of all time are: Rainbow Brows and super contrasting “Kim K” highlight and contour–oh and Boho braids 😉 #sorrynotsorry 
  3. Business tip: What we wished we knew when we started BA! 
    • Lindsey: “Everything always works out the way it’s supposed to, the only constant is change, be ready to pivot.” 
    • Camille “Investing in yourself is the most worthwhile investment. Act like the CEO you want to become.”
  4. Our favorite places to shop for clothes are: H&M, Target, Madewell, Aerie, and Zara.
  5. Our skincare routines are: 
    • Camille: Fresh Faces by Frances Skincare for Combo Skin
    • Lindsey: Glowing skin serum, Eminence, Young Living for oily skin!
  6. If you only had ONE makeup product to use the rest of your life what would it be? 
    • Lindsey: Benefit 24 hour brow setter
    • Camille: Clinique Workout Makeup
  7. One thing we learned from COVID/quarantine?
    • Lindsey: “Slowing down is a gift and spending quality time with my family is what matters. I still don’t like cooking haha.” 
    • Camille: “I enjoyed my WHOLE family living under one roof and working from home–it was a little crowded but felt like Christmas.” 
  8. Least fave look or trend?
    • Lindsey: “I did a beautiful classic french twist on a woman, and at the end she wanted me to take a little chunk of hair down. I basically gave her a rat tail. It looked awful but she loved it.”
    • Camille: “I must have blocked it out of my mind. I honestly don’t remember!” 
  9. Funniest/weirdest thing that has ever happened while you were on a HMU job?
    • Lindsey: “One of my brides hung her wedding dress on the sprinkler system at a hotel and it broke. It spayed black all over her dress and completely flooded the floor we were on.”
    • Camille: “My client sat with NO shirt or a bra on–just boobs out and wanted me to do her makeup.”
  10. Phone app you use the most – BESIDES social media?
    • Lindsey: Joyce Meyer Ministries app
    • Camille: Audible
  11. Career highlight each of you are MOST proud of? 
    • Lindsey: “Doing the cover of Strong Magazine. Employing 14 amazing women!” 
    • Camille: “Earning a Masters degree and building a business!”  
  12. If we didn’t do this for a job what would we do?
    • Lindsey: Interior Designer, graphic designer 
    • Camille: Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur 

We hope you enjoy our new BLOG and this post! Take a look at the rest of the posts and please comment and share your questions with us–who knows maybe we can do a PART 2 soon! Also, If you have any other blog post ideas or requests we would love to hear them! 

And if you need a talented professional hair and makeup artist team in Idaho and Utah –please hit us up! You can schedule a makeup lesson or book a service for you at our BOOK NOW page!


Camille and Lindsey!