CAIT’S taking us through her Dirty hair, don’t care: How to go 6 days without washing your hair and we are now in the 2nd half of the stretch!  Take a look at how she manages grease, and fly away’s! Make sure you see PART 1 -Days 1,2,3 with all the product details, photos, and techniques!

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Day 4:

Half up with lots of pieces around my face. I’ll prep with more dry shampoo- mostly focusing it on the hair going up in the half pony and the hair that will be showing right underneath the half pony. Spritz more hairspray on the pony for volume, lift and texture. **For those of you with bangs this is also a day that you could wash ONLY your bangs in the sink if they’re getting too greasy to hide or make work! Day 4

Products: Batiste  Dry Shampoo “Blonde”, Ouai  Medium Hairspray 

Hair care Dirty No Washing Hair Tips Tricks

TIP: Brush your hair out really well before applying the dry shampoo, it helps to distribute the existing product as well as the oils in there evenly and not leave it all concentrated on the top portion of your hair shaft/scalp. This gives you a much better “canvas” to start with! It also will help to make sure you aren’t shedding like crazy! *this is my personal favorite day of my hair week 😊️ anything that gives vintagey/undone yet put together/Bardot vibes is MY JAM 🙌🏼

Day 5:

Low pony- prepped hair with a little bit more dry shampoo- only in the front and along my part since my hair will all be going back in the low pony. Pull hair back into low pony, paying careful attention to what parts of your hair might be the dirtiest and needing hiding, and pull the dry shampoo’d hair over it neatly and then into the pony. Since I don’t wash my bangs part way through the week mine start to get a little flat/questionable so I love parting them to the side and sweeping them across. It looks so feminine and completely hides the fact that they might be needing a solid washing at this point. Add hairspray to the actual pony for volume and texture.

Products: Batiste Dry Shampoo “Blonde”, Ouai  Medium Hairspray

**WHY BATISTE?  I’ve used several different Dry Shampoos at different price points and I ALWAYS come back to Batiste. It’s the only one I’ve used that makes my hair actually feel cleaner and not like I’m just adding a bunch of product buildup and weighing my hair down. Props for it coming in Blonde and Brunette shades too along with their wide range of original scent formula. I personally love the “Blonde” for my hair because the tiny keeps my hair from becoming dull and gray looking. 💁🙌

Hair care Dirty No Washing Hair Tips Tricks

Day 6:

HAT DAY! No prep needed, just smooth hair into a low bun, I love to pull some pieces out around my face, and then put your favorite hat on! I love this day in a beanie too and my messy looking hair coming down out of it.
P.S. You CANNOT go wrong wearing a bright lip Day 6, it will draw attention away from you hair and to your pretty lips!! 😉 HAHAHair care Dirty No Washing Hair Tips Tricks

Also keep in mind that if you aren’t used to going more than a couple of days in between washes it’s best to build up to 5-7 days and not to expect your hair to just simply not produce its natural oils at their normal pace.  I used to wash my hair every other day religiously!! I slowly started adding one more day between washes until now I am able to go a FULL week, with mostly down styles and not only top knots or hats and am usually washing it on Sundays 😉
I’m happy to answer ANY questions too so please feel free to reach out with hair questions!!