Lipstick that LASTS ALL DAY is probably the #1 thing that makeup artists and women everywhere WISH they could find!  Well, ladies look no further because LIPSENSE by Senegence is a lipstick that is supposed to last up to 18 hours without reapplication! Ladies all over Instagram, Facebook, and probably even your town are selling and raving about it, so naturally we wanted to give it a shot!


We are here to give you our “3 Sense” on this popular new long-lasting lipstick! We couldn’t think of better way to bring you guys our thoughts and feelings on LIPSENSE than a PROS vs CONS LIST! Every product is going to work differently for each individual AND everyone is going to be after a different benefit. Take a peek at each of the lists from us; CAIT, LINDSEY and CAMILLE and see if LIPSENSE is right for you!

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  • The color was so pretty and DID NOT BUDGE. I wore “Razzberry” and it was a solid, bold magenta pink. The darker color I wore went on really evenly and stayed all day!
  • My toddler daughter LOVES my make up and is always pointing at my lips when I’m wearing lipstick and trying to grab them- I don’t have to worry about it getting all over her or me at all which was wonderful!


  • It burned when I applied it to my lips
  • It was a really bold color and they way you have to apply the product makes it really hard to get it perfect! It’s like sharpie so if you mess up, you’re basically done for.
  • It was SO hard to get off, even with the remover. I had pink stained lips all day the next day after wearing it
  • It tasted awful. If I licked any part of my lips prior to applying the gloss or if the gloss had worn off it left my mouth tasting terrible


I really wanted to love this product but I am too finicky of a lipstick wearer to have such a long lasting, staining product on. I like to change my lippie sometimes a few times per day and that is basically impossible with the shade I tried out. I did seriously LOVE that my daughter could give me kisses and point out my lip color without it transferring though. That and the solid magenta shade were stand out PROS for me! Unfortunately it is a pass! 😫



  • The color ‘APPLE CIDER” was absolutely GORGEOUS! Such a great neutral lip anyone could wear
  • Loved loved the gloss! It was creamy, non “sticky” gloss that could be worn with our without color!
  • I do love the concept of putting something on and forgetting about it the rest of the day.
  • It LITERALLY had ZERO transfer! Nothing transferred while kissing my kiddos, drinking coffee or touching my face.
  • It had a nice applicator


  • Price point: I’m the kind of gal if I’m going to lay down that chunk of change it had better feed, clothe and bathe my children for me!
  • The color when applied went on extremely patchy and I couldn’t seem to get a good full application of color.
  • It was really difficult to apply. I love a crisp clean line especially when I’m wearing a bright lip and I was so afraid of messing up because there was no going back!
  • It burned while applying it, even when my lips were wiped clean and dry.
  • It did last for a long time but did start to wear about halfway through the day.
  • My lips are typically on the dryer side and they literally looked like the SAHARA DESERT! [warning]We were told that your lips have to go through a sluffing process to get rid of toxins and waxes fromother products. This process can last from 2-3 weeks and you have to use LIPSENSE exclusively! [/warning]
  • I love a matte lip and I don’t love a glossy look all the time.
  • It was so hard to get off even when using the remover! This stuff stays put!!


My overall opinion is LIPSENSE isn’t for me! The cons out weighed most of the pro’s in my case! I felt like it was more work re applying the gloss then it is to re apply my normal lipstick once throughout the day. Although,  I could def see how this product could be EXCELLENT for someone who maybe wears the same color daily or is fine with only using LIPSENSE. I just love to experiment with different brands and colors too much to endure having my lips that dry all the time if I wasn’t using it exclusively!



  • I chose “DARK PINK”! It was a pretty bold pink/mauve that I could wear most days!
  • There are SO many great colors with a variety of tone and pigment!
  • It went on nice and felt good with the Glossy Gloss!
  • Lasting through my work day! I get ready for work at 6:00am and it stayed almost all day! I have to admit that I am drinking a GALLON of water a day, coffee, and sometimes a soda to get me through teaching all day! I am not gentle on my lips and the fact that it would make it through all of it IS AMAZING!
  • Special Events: Great for pageants and events. I was introduced to LIPSENSE a couple of years ago when I was in the Mrs. Idaho Pageant. It worked great for long days where you have to always have your lipstick looking great and so it won’t rub on during outfit changes!
  • The STINGING: honestly I didn’t mind the way it made my lips feel when applying; and it made me feel like it was working:)  I am kind of a glutton for punishment though!


  • Price: I am a connoisseur of lipsticks and I like to buy them at random.  I cringe at paying over $20 for one lip product, even if it’s lasting all day! I have wanted to try the Kylie Lip Kit and I still have’t because I don’t want to spend that much!
  • Patience for the Process: I am not super patient with the process and waiting for the layers to dry! This is so important for getting that lasting effect and you have to give yourself time!
  • The separating in tube: After some time with my previous LIPSENSE it would separate and after shaking it it seemed like the pigment wasn’t coming out as smooth, looking like what Lindsey described in using the Apple Cider. IT DID NOT HAPPEN THIS TIME, but that is why I didn’t end up keeping my previous product.


I would definitely purchase  LIPSENSE for myself or someone I know who is doing a special event or works long days and doesn’t want to re-apply! I think it’s a great option for working women, bridal parties, and anyone who wants to keep their lipstick collection at a minimum!

These are own personal thoughts and opinions! We absolutely recommend you try LIPSENSE for yourself, since so many other ladies absolutely love and adore it!!

Special THANKS to Ali Smith @atyourlipservicebyali for contacting us and letting us use her LIPSENSE product to try! Contact her on Facebook or Instagram for ordering LIPSENSE for yourself.

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