The New year is always such an exciting time! It’s a time for endless possibilities, big dreams and tons of goals. “NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU”, is what we always say!! Then the end of the month rolls around, and those possibilities seems not so endless, big dreams feel impossible and tons of goals starts to feel overwhelming! So instead of creating several New Years Resolutions we know we probably won’t follow through on, we have decided to choose a “WORD” for the year!

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New Years Resolutions: Our “WORD” of the year

We wanted to choose ONE WORD that could be applied to our year overall. Something we could carry with us throughout 2017. It will be our anthem if you will!!  We are a group of dreamers, idea’s blossoming at every turn. The THREE of us have an “entrepreneurial spirit”, and we are FULL of ideas!  Ideas are are a wonderful, but they also are fickle little things.  They evoke a sense of hope and opportunity around every corner! But the funny thing is without the ACTION behind them, they are just that, an idea. A thought that resides only in the corners of your mind never brought to life! That’s why we have chosen the word ACTION as our “WORD” for the year! We want to take all of those beautiful, wonderful, hope filled IDEAS and turn them into ACTION!!! Let’s be DOER’S in this life! Let’s not just be the one’s who sit around and talk about all the amazing things we could be doing! Let’s be the ones doing it!!!

We have so many incredible visions for 2017 and we know through a ton of prayer and A LOT of ACTION this year is going to one for the books folks!! Like Joyce Meyer always says “God has a much easier time guiding a car in motion then a parked one!” We are definitely planning to be the car in motion!!!

We want to take this time to wish you all the happiest of New Years and pray that all you dream of and more happen in 2017! Thanks so much in advance for following us on our new journey and we hope that you are enjoying the ride as much as we are!

Want to hop on the “WORD” train with us?! Comment below what your theme for this year will be!!