Ladies, hands up if you’re ALWAYS on the hunt for flattering swimwear that leaves you strutting around with Beyoncé like confidence. It’s the 21st Century, but why does it seem so many brands STILL don’t cater to the everyday woman!

Well, we are here to introduce you to our favorite swimwear brand… June Loop. Since discovering them we CANNOT get enough of their super stylish and FLATTERING designs.

If you haven’t yet heard of June Loop, we promise you that you are going to LOVE them! You can check out their website here.

Not only are their swimsuits so cute… but they also are made for women of ALL shapes and sizes. They understand that every body is unique, and want to encourage women to embrace their bodies and be confident in their swimwear.

June Loop has blown our minds with their beautiful newly released collections. If you’re looking for a new swimsuit June Loop is kindly offering 10% off to our readers. Just use the code BAMAKEUP10.

Why we love June Loop swimwear

This family-run company started out when the sweetest mega-babe mom, Kristie, wanted a two-piece swimsuit option that allowed her to feel confident in her postpartum body. When she couldn’t find anything suitable she took up the challenge of creating and sewing her own designs.

Other moms started to take note, and as the demand started to grow, she enlisted the help of her mom, June, and together founded the business – June Loop. Wondering where Loop comes from? Just spell pool backwards… COOL, RIGHT? 

They now design swimwear with the intention of helping women and young girls accept and love their bodies.

We are obsessed with this mission! As you know ladies, we’re all for empowering you, so June Loop is a brand we can get behind.

We are absolutely THRILLED that they use everyday women as their models. They understand that EVERY body is unique, and they don’t want an ill-fitting swimsuit to stand between you and a great day in the sun! 

Although their company has grown, and they have enlisted additional seamstresses, they are still outsourcing the work locally and creating ethically made swimsuits.

Fun Fact: June and her daughters have always been inclined to pool life as they have had an in-ground pool at their home for years and have offered small group and private swim lessons to the local families in their area! Extra Fun Fact: Kristie’s sisters taught Camille’s oldest son Carlos how to swim over 15 years ago when he was just a little guy! Another example of how small our world is, right?

Our story

Growing up we had mothers who NEVER got their hair wet. We would wait impatiently for that one MAGICAL yearly swim together. Being kids we could never quite understand why mom wouldn’t go swimming. Having her in the water was always so much fun!

With our boys, we knew we wanted to be moms that would swim, and not just once a year. We want to enjoy all of the special moments with our kids regardless of our size or insecurities… even if we did just wash our hair! Y’ALL KNOW THAT FEELING! 

June Loop allows us to be the moms we want to be. 

Classic style swimwear

We both think high-waisted swimwear is sexy, and Cosmopolitan AGREES! The vintage look is so popular, as this particular style works wonders for any figure and has a nice full coverage look! Just the way us makeup artists like it 😉

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The entire collection is GOLD – take a look at this shoot we did. The proof really is in the pudding… errr, we mean pictures.

Personal faves

Our body shapes and sizes are totally different. Camille is 5’4 and 140lbs with a small chest and small torso. Lindsey is 5’8 and 160lbs, with a much larger chest and a long torso. 

We put June Loop to the test, and even though we have two totally different body shapes, it felt like we were trying on bikinis from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants! Ok, so we were trying on different sizes, but the same style tops looked good on both of us! BOOYAH!!! 

Camille is usually a size 4 in pants, a 34C bra, and wears x-small in tops and small bottoms. Lindsey wears a 32DDD bra size, and fits in the small/medium.

It was so hard to pick our favorite pieces, but, if we must choose… 

Camille LOVED the off the shoulder styles. You’re able to adjust where the shoulder straps sit to avoid tan lines. No more awkward half in/half out while sunbathing. 

She also thought the reversible bottoms were ON POINT! We were both impressed with how many looks you could get with the same bottoms. Not just by turning them inside out, but also by folding them down to show some midriff. 

Of course, Camille couldn’t pick just one… the bottoms that had the adjustable side cinches were another FAVE, because you can make the sides shorter and show a bit more leg without being flashy. SO CUTE!

Lindsey loved the ribbed black suit with the ruffle straps. Make sure you check out the back of this style top – we’re OB-SESSED. The ruffles join over the shoulders in a V shape. WE. CAN’T. EVEN. 

Lindsey’s favorite bottoms were the mid-rise style. They showed just enough midriff to look stylish, but still had enough coverage to be super flattering. 

Not just stylish

Have you ever had a swimsuit you loved, but every time you jumped in the water you had to pull it back into place before you resurfaced?

June Loop’s swimwear is not just stylish, but it’s super functional as well! The fit is snug and comfortable and you won’t be having any Janet Jackson fashion mishaps this summer (IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW!)

For us, June Loop checks ALL of the boxes. Not only do we love their unique stylish designs, we love that so many of the bottoms are also reversible. With just one set you’re able to add 4 variations to your look.

Talk about versatile!

We actually believe Kristie and June have weaved some sort of magical swimwear line by creating styles that are flattering for every body type. The fabrics are premium quality and SO flattering. You’ll find one-pieces, ruffles, peplum, off the shoulder tops, high waisted, cinched sides, and reversible bottoms.

Mix and Match

Each bikini piece is sold as a separate – perfect for those of us who are different sizes up top and bottom.

You guys, there are some really FUNKY FRESH styles. Take a look at their Instagram story highlights to get inspired for what people have been matching. Picking the pieces you love the most will be the hardest part. There are just SO many cute options. You’ll end up like us and have a whole closet full.

If you live in the local Nampa, ID area you can even schedule a try on.

Get 10% off

Thanks to the amazing Kristie and June, they are giving our readers 10% off their entire shop. All you need to do is add BAMAKEUP10 at checkout to claim your discount.

June Loop is the perfect swimwear brand if you:

  • Love stylish swimsuits
  • Need a confidence boost when putting on a bikini
  • Are the mom/woman who doesn’t want body insecurities to get in the way of life
  • Want to mix and match styles
  • Need functionality and versatility as well as something to look cute in
  • Think vintage style is ADORABLE

Ladies, go grab that discount now. Even though it is almost fall, these will be great for the final stretch of summer, indoor pools, hot tubs, and next summer, too!  We can’t wait for you to try them on. We know you will FEEL AMAZING in all of the styles.

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Use BAMAKEUP10 for 10% off

June Loop Website

June Loop Instagram

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