Life can be pretty hectic during a good year, but HOW ABOUT 2020?! Between the pandemic, lockdowns, and wild ride of emotions that we’ve experienced–the need for a little spiritual uplift has become essential for us. With the day-to-day routine and busy schedules, it can be hard to set aside quiet time for God. Which is why we are LOVING The Daily Grace Co. They have the best Journaling Bibles and study workbooks available that make us excited for our daily Scripture practice.

Back in June, we ordered our first set of goodies, which included the James study workbook. It’s been a great help to dig deeper and walk us verse-by-verse through the book of James. If you’re anything like us, when reading the Bible, we’re often full of thoughts and musings about what God is actually trying to say to us. The Journaling Bibles have large margins (perfect for writing our thoughts and notes) and the workbooks are companion pieces to help understand the text.

We chose the book of James to start off with, as it takes a look at what it means to be a follower of Jesus in our everyday lives. We’re seeing a lot of similarities during this trying time in the world as the book begins with James’ encouragement to those in the midst of suffering (think: all of us in times of COVID). But there are so many different options to choose from and they even have men’s and kids studies too!

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Importance of daily devotions

Whether you’re a new believer or have been an avid follower of God for some time, we have found so many benefits to having a daily devotional practice. The results may not be immediately obvious, but you’ll start to gain a deeper understanding of God’s word. You’ll also start to feel peace and be able to apply the teachings to unavoidable situations and feelings you experience.

Our fave Study Bibles

You know the benefits of doing daily devotions, but you may be wondering where to start.

Friends, you HAVE to check out the Study Bibles and workbooks from The Daily Grace Co. There are so many things we love about them. 

We have been following their GORGEOUS Instagram account for some time now, and couldn’t wait to purchase some of their products to test them out. They also have a really inspiring blog and Podcast designed with equipping women with the knowledge and love of God’s word.

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Things we love about The Daily Grace Co. 

Beautiful prints

From the moment you land on the site, you’ll be as taken as we were by the eye-catching graphics. Seriously, everything sold on the website is STUNNING! Even if you’re not in a buying mindset, just go and check out the website just for the aesthetics.

Many of the workbooks and Study Bibles have a mens and womens version. These are put together with the same content and structure, but designed with unique male and female graphics/themes – think florals, plants, pastels, landscapes, etc! 

Short and easy breakdown

It’s so easy to do Daily Grace studies with our workbooks. The books are organized into weeks and days so you know exactly what you are up to and the daily content.

The book of James is broken up into 7 weeks. It seems most of the Bible study workbooks are either 5 or 7 weeks. Each week consists of 5 days of study with a sixth day of reflection. The study days include timelines, maps, charts and daily study questions – as well as commentary on the text.

Ladies, we know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly add ANOTHER thing to your daily schedule?! As busy moms, we too feel there are not enough hours in the day. What we LOVE about these workbooks is they’ve been designed for even the busiest of us. The weekday readings are generally just 1-2 pages long, and have 4 thought-provoking questions.

If you buy the his, hers, and the children’s set, you can even double up your quiet time as family time.

The reflective days contain prompts where you can write your own thoughts and feelings, for a better overall understanding of the Scripture. For example, one of the questions is, “What does the passage teach about the condition of mankind?” The practical applications are SO important during these crazy times and have given us the chance to step back and view the world with a more gracious heart.


Although we don’t think it could get much better than the stunning visuals and well-organized structure… it does! Each of the Bible Study workbooks are just $20 when individually purchased. If you combine them to the his and hers package, it’s a total of $32. This is a ridiculously good price when you think about how this is a 7-week study. They even have a killer half price sale pretty often…which makes it way easier to buy a few extra studies that you’ve been eyeballing! 

They even come with a digital aid for the times you aren’t able to carry your book around. Just download The Daily Grace Co. app from Itunes or the Playstore and connect your account to have access to your books digitally.

One of our fav things about the Get the Shot Guide was that we could always pull it up for reference whenever we needed a cute Insta shot, and now we can do that same with our Scripture.

Digging deeper with Scripture accountability

To keep ourselves accountable and have fun with the studies, we held weekly Zoom chats to go through each week of the workbook. This was a great way to dive deeper into the meaning and takeaways of the book. We find talking about something makes it even easier to understand.

It’s just like a book club, but for Scripture! Grab a few girlfriends to have weekly accountability catch ups. These could even double as regular coffee (or wine) dates with your besties. Or do what we did and schedule them over Zoom. 

Make sure you are following us on Instagram to keep up to date for if we do another group reflection and stay up to date with our other important updates and announcements.

Enjoy studying The Bible

Learning and loving the word of God is something we’ve been prioritizing this past month, and can already see the benefits. So take some time to add in some daily Scripture practice to better yourself and your surroundings.

Thanks to The Daily Grace Co. we’ve started looking forward to our daily quiet time, and are definitely finding it easier to make space in our schedules for God.

Be KIND to yourself, and remember if you miss a day there is no pressure from God. It’s so important to fill yourself before you can fill others.